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Is your income less than you want it to be?

Are you looking to change careers?

Have you considered training as a Coach?

Take charge of your income and future with our accredited Human Potential Coach Training program.

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    Whether you want to transition to a new career as a full-time certified Coach, upgrade your professional skills, or earn additional income alongside your existing work, the fast track Human Potential Coach Training program will get you where you want to go. Human Potential Coaches typically charge their Clients $100 to $350/hour.

    Becoming a Certified Human Potential Coach is the fast-track way to creating a deeply fulfilling life by helping others unlock their potential.

    Our Human Potential Coach Certification Will Set You Apart

    AC Accredited

    AC Accredited

    Human Potential Coach training is accredited by one of the most highly respected coach membership companies in the world, the Association for Coaching (AC).

    New Upgraded Training

    New Upgraded Training

    Curriculum revised and improved. 32 hours of live training via zoom teleconferencing, 44 hours of self-study, plus plenty of coaching practice and support.

    Innovative & World-class

    Innovative & World-class

    Our training course is one of the most innovative human potential focused coach training programs in the World and taught by experienced coaches and human potential teachers.

    The Secret

    The Secret

    Combines the Inner Game of Coaching (self-mastery), the Outer Game of Coaching (how to coach effectively), Coaching for Health & High Performance and the Business of Coaching.

    Incredible Community

    Incredible Community

    Imagine being connected to a community of inspiring human beings and coaches who are committed to actualizing their potential and helping others do the same.

    How it works

    Coach Training


    18 weeks





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    What are the dates for the April 2023 training?

    The Chinook 2023 cohort commences with a one-hour welcome and orientation call on April 25 (11am EDT), followed by

    • 2 Inner Game workshops April 29 & 30 (11am EDT to 3pm EDT each day) and
    • 8 Outer Game workshops May 13, 14, 27, 28, June 10, 11, 17 & 18 (11am EDT to 2pm EDT).

    All live calls take place via zoom video conferencing. You can find your time zone here.

    The minimum requirement for certification is attendance at both Inner Game workshops and at least 6 of the 8 Outer Game workshops.

    What are the dates for the September 2023 training?

    The Sirocco 2023 cohort commences with a one-hour orientation call on Sept 6 (11am ET), followed by

    • 2 Inner Game of Coaching workshops: Sept 9 & 10 (11am ET to 3.00pm ET each day) and then
    • 16 live 90-minute Outer Game of Coaching calls on consecutive Wednesdays, Sept 13 to Dec 27 (11am ET).

    All live calls take place via zoom video conferencing. You can find your time zone here.

    The minimum requirement for certification is attendance at both Inner Game workshops and at least 12 of the 16 live calls.

    What coaching body are you accredited by?

    The Human Potential Coach Training course is accredited by one of the most highly respected coach membership companies in the world, the Association for Coaching (AC).

    AC is a leading independent, and not-for-profit professional body dedicated to promoting best practice and raising the awareness and standards of coaching, worldwide. Their purpose is to inspire and champion coaching excellence, to advance the coaching profession and make a sustainable difference to individuals, organizations and society

    As a Human Potential Academy student you will receive complementary Introductory Associate Membership and upon graduation become an Associate Member and able to secure professional indemnity insurance.

    How much is the training program?

    Your investment for the Human Potential Coach Training program is $4297 USD.

    A payment plan is available on request.

    Who is teaching the coach training course?

    The Inner Game of Coaching component of the Human Potential Coach training course is taught by Dr Mark Atkinson and the Outer Game of Coaching by Karin Reed (Certified Human Potential Coach), Felix Hirschburger (Professional Certified Coach) and guest Coaches/Teachers.

    How much can I expect to earn? What career opportunities are available to me?

    In a 2020 report, the estimated 71,000 Coaches worldwide generated over $2.849 billion (USD) in annual revenues. As you might expect the greatest concentration of Coaches, and highest paid Coaches, are in high-income areas like North America, Western Europe and Oceania (Australia and New Zealand). The average fee charged for a one-hour coaching session was $229 USD. The average number of Clients at any given time, 10. The average number of hours spent coaching Clients each week, 13.

    Certified Human Potential Coaches are highly employable!

    To give you a sense of the kind of companies you could work with upon graduation, we have briefly highlighted three of the most popular amongst our Certified Human Potential Coaches: — their mission is to unlock greater potential, purpose and passion. — their mission is to de-stigmatize mental health care, break down barriers to access, and give everyone the tools they need to build resilience, proactively engage in their mental health, and get the clinical support they need when they need it. — their mission is to transform behavioral health care through technology with a human touch — to get more patients the care they need when they need it.

    Coaches who work with these organizations have told us the training they received from the Human Potential Institute is above and beyond the knowledge, professionalism and necessary skills that applicant Coaches are expected to have.

    Whilst the hourly rate for these companies is of course less than you would typically charge a private Client, they do provide you with a significant volume of Clients. This provides important coaching experience and coaching hours! The other nice thing is the flexibility. With some companies you can work as many or as few hours as you want.

    It is an exciting time to become a Coach!

    What is the assessment and certification process?

    To certify as a Certified Human Potential Coach (CHPC) students need to:

    • Submit and receive a pass mark for your 30-minute certification call submission.
    • Attend the two days of the workshop in their entirety.
    • Attend the welcome call or submit a missed call/workshop form.
    • Complete 10 sessions with a Coaching Buddy.
    • Attain 30 Client coaching hours (paid or unpaid) and submit your completed ‘coaching and reflection’ log.
    • Attend, in their entirety, a minimum of 12 of the 16 Wednesday calls.
    • Completed all of the reflections.
    • Reviewed all of the content in the course.
    • Submitted a signed copy of the HPA Content License Agreement, trademark agreement and code of ethics.
    • Have no outstanding financial obligations to the Human Potential Academy.

    If students miss the deadline they can apply for a one-month extension at a cost of $150.

    If students don’t pass the certification call review first time, there will be a charge of $150 to assess each subsequent submission.

    How many students do you accept into each cohort?

    We accept up to thirty students per intake.

    What is your course withdrawal policy?

    If you withdraw from the Human Potential Coach Training program, the following policy will decide whether you are entitled to a refund or not. Your eligibility to receive a refund is entirely dependent upon when you make the request.

    • If you withdraw 31+ days before the Welcome Call, a full refund will be provided (minus a $250 non-refundable registration fee and any financial transaction costs e.g. stripe, card or bank transfer fees).
    • If you withdraw within 30 days of the Welcome Call, there is no refund.

    You can request to be transferred to a future cohort. An admin fee of $150 will be charged for this.

    Approved Coach Specific Training Hours ACTO - Association of Coach Training Organizations